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Brad Pitt is together with Leonardo DiCaprio a really Hollywood hunk. His movie "Seven Years in Tibet", is his best movie he ever made. Brad Pitt has won for his character in "seven Years in Tibet" the important Dutch award: "the Rembrandt".

The fully detailed list of all the motion pictures featuring Brad Pitt!!

Fight Club (1999)
Being John Malkovich (1999)
Meet Joe Black (1998)
Seven Years in Tibet (1997)
The Devil's Own (1997)
The Dark Side of the Sun (1997)
Sleepers (1996)
Twelve Monkey's (1995)
Seven (1995)
Legends of the Fall (1994)
Interview with a Vampire (1994)
The Favor (1994)
True Romance (1993)
Kalifornia (1993)
A River Runs Through It (1992)
Cool World (1992)
Thelma & Louise (1991)
Too Young to Die? (tv) (1990)
The Image (tv) (1989)
Across the Tracks (1989)
Happy Together (1989)
Cutting Class (1989)
A Stoning in Fulham County (tv) (1988)

Birthday: December the 18th, 1963


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